We all know that music plays an important role in the life of every man. Music develops love for beauty and generates emotions. However music must be cultivated from an early age through musical games and songs specific to childhood.

In order to help children develop their musical knowledge and concentration, Boem Club created special lessons dedicated to small – musical education courses for preschoolers.

Musical education lessons Boem Club are for children aged between 3 and 4 years. Through musical education courses for preschoolers we are focusing our attention on objectives such as musical development of children through interactive games, communication and group activities.

Musical education courses focuses on the introduction in the small world of sounds, rhythm and habit with them in a manner appealing and adapted to their age.

Lessons will be the widening musical education and skills development and learning their music with musical instruments by learning small pieces.

Each group consists of a maximum of 6 children so they can learn together sounds, musical games and songs to and remind them and helping in the further development of music.

Musical education lessons are conducted in Romanian or English, in separate groups.

Children attend the first lesson with parents, in order  providing them with the needed psychological comfort accommodation with the new activity.

A musical education lesson lasts 50 minutes, from fixed to 10 and is held without certain days and certain hours.

Registrations for musical education courses for preschoolers are made each month for the current month, depending on the supplement groups by phone or email.

analia selis

“I know how hard it is to have a school of music as I had at one time a music school, I know how hard it is to hold such a project, I know how hard it is to work with children, and especially parents and that’s why I really appreciate what you do here at Boem Club Music School and I wish you a lot of success in the future!”.

Analia Selis, Music Singer


“A course after which you leave with a smile, a course that remembers me from childhood, a course where all the daily problems disappear, even for an hour […] At the final of the lesson, I smile wide, as I haven’t done it much in recent weeks, I come home relaxed, as if I could have spent an entire day at the spa and in the evening I dream with open eyes, to a grand white piano”.

Alina Aliman, Chief Editor – The One
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