Saxophone recommendations

What is the optimal age for beginning the study of this instrument?

The optimal age for beginning the study saxophone is at least 10 years, but, exceptionally, one can begin also at younger ages.

What kind of saxophone is appropriate based on age?

Regardless of age, alto saxophone is most recommended for beginners. Over time, if the student wants, and can move to a different model (soprano, tenor, baritone).

Which accessories needs a student to this tool?

The best would be for any student to have their own mouthpiece, reed, arms and cover. ANCI (made of reed) is the saxophone and consumables at a certain time, they need to be replaced due to wear.

How much time must a student devote to the study of this instrument?

The time of study is directly proportional to the learner, because resistance is needed for a long study . If your study is efficiently organized for a beginner, 20-30 minutes allocated daily are sufficient.

Under what conditions this instrument is preserved?

Saxophone should be cleaned every time after it was used. There is a cloth for instrument maintenance, both inside and outside for it. After being cleaned, it should be stored in a box or bag to protect from damage and dust deposits.

Which textbooks are recommended in the study of this tool?
In Romanian they are not too many textbooks. In English there are many; a copy is very appreciated: Universal Method for saxophone, written by Paul de Ville.