Online Piano Lessons One to One from March 2020

The piano is the best known musical instrument. Unlike other tools that manage to play after a long period of time because the process is more complex, at the piano you can learn in a relatively short period interpretation of simple parts, given the mechanism easier sound training.

Boem Club Music School offers piano lessons for all ages (children, adolescents and adults) and any level: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Minimum age is 4 years.

Piano lessons for age 4-5 years focuses on acquiring basic musical knowledge through experimentation and exploration, reproduction of sounds.

Piano lessons for ages 6-7 years aim: developing musical repertoire, given the natural desire of age.

Piano lessons for age 8 years provide the opportunity to play songs at 4 hands and to enhance their musical repertoire with more difficult pieces.

Depending on the level piano lessons Boem Club will aim to:

– Beginner: familiarity with music, rhythm, learning and reading musical notes

– Intermediate level: enriching musical knowledge and broadening musical repertoire

-Advanced level: refining a performance improvement technique, instrumental pieces addressing a high difficulty.

At Boem Club Piano lessons will learn: reading at first glance, reproduction of sounds and music clips, theory, piano technique, improvisation and harmony.

A piano lesson lasts 50 minutes.


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analia selis

“I know how hard it is to have a school of music as I had at one time a music school, I know how hard it is to hold such a project, I know how hard it is to work with children, and especially parents and that’s why I really appreciate what you do here at Boem Club Music School and I wish you a lot of success in the future!”.

Analia Selis, Music Singer


“A course after which you leave with a smile, a course that remembers me from childhood, a course where all the daily problems disappear, even for an hour […] At the final of the lesson, I smile wide, as I haven’t done it much in recent weeks, I come home relaxed, as if I could have spent an entire day at the spa and in the evening I dream with open eyes, to a grand white piano”.

Alina Aliman, Chief Editor – The One
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