Gift Voucher – Music lessons at Boem Club Music School

Do you want to give a gift truly unique and surprising to the loved ones in your life?

Boem Club Music School offers you the opportunity to provide to the loved ones  a gift voucher with music lessons.

Vouchers are structured on music classes so that you can offer, depending on your preference, vouchers piano lessons, singing lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, lessons saxophone or lessons musical education for preschoolers.

In order to take possession of such vouchers and give a really special gift, please contact us:

Boem Club Alba-Iulia, 0735 641 594,
Boem Club Razoare, 0760 689 422,
Boem Club Dorobanti, 0761 786 601,

The voucher can be paid both online and cash/card at Boem Club offices.