Clarinet Recommendations

What is the optimal age for beginning the study of the clarinet?

The optimal age for beginning the study of the clarinet is 10 years.

What type of clarinet is suitable based on age?

There are several types of clarinet, but most used is B flat clarinet. It is suitable for any age.

Why accessory needs a student for its clarinet?

Accessories for this tool are: reeds, cloth to clean the instrument inside after each use, box, cream floats (where the instrument’s components combine).

How many hours a student must devote to the study of the clarinet?

For a student who learns to play clarinet as a hobby, one hour of study for a day is enough.

Under what conditions are a clarinet kept?

It depends on the material it is constructed. The professional clarinets wood as basic material (grenadil, ebony, rosewood, etc.), They are very sensitive to cold and if they not store heat in the winter, the wood can crack. The rest of clarinets are made of plastic, hard rubber or a combination of several materials. They do not crack in cold. However it should be protected against bumps, drops, etc.

Which are the textbooks recommended in the study of the clarinet?

A very good manual for beginners is the first method for clarinet of Robert Keitzer, which explains in detail the bases of this instrument and which provides very good exercises for technique.