Cello Recommendations

Where can I buy a cello?
Under the guidance of a professor of cello, students can purchase in the first phase a cello from any music store specializing.

What is the optimal age for beginning the study the cello?
Since very small instruments, such as cellos 1/8, appeared on the market, children can begin to study this instrument since the age of 5. However, in Romania, most children begin to play the cello at the age of 10-12 years.

What type of cello is right for me?
For children aged 5-7 years is recommended cello 1/8; at age 8 years is recommended to use a quarter cello, at 9 years – half cello, and from age 10 years,  children can use the three quarters cello.
For those aged 12-13 years it is used the entire cello.
A very important aspect that should be taken into account is that in choosing the right size cello should take into account various aspects such as physical and emotional development of the student.

Which accessory needs a student of the cello?
It is necessary that any cello to be transported and stored in a special box or a bag. Tool wipe with a soft cloth after each use with a special solution, which can be purchased in stores.
Cello should not be stored near heat sources or in the environment with high temperature or moisture because it can degrade.
Cello should be stored in corners of the room, with the callus turned toward the wall.

How long should I allot study the cello?
It is recommended to study daily for 30-60 minutes for those who want to become familiar with this tool or for a few hours for those who have proposed to study cello performance level.

What textbooks are recommended cello?
The methods most commonly used by beginners on cello are: “George Iarosevici”, “Dimitrie Gh. Dinicu-” and “Suzuki”.