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09:00 - 21:00

Boem Club Summer School

Boem Club Music School, the first private music school in Bucharest, conducted music courses since 2009 every summer.
Summer School is open to all music lovers and fans of all ages (children, adolescents or adults) or level of musical knowledge (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

Music classes at Boem Club Summer School are held individually or in a group; each participant has the possibility to choose the genre and instrument. Students may enroll in piano lessons, guitar, violin, cello, drums, saxophone, clarinet or singing.

Besides music lessons, also at the Summer School there are music lessons for children aged 3 and 4 years. Musical education lessons are designed by Boem Club teachers  to familiarize preschoolers with musical notes and musical instruments through play.

The benefits of Summer School are: the opportunity to be trained in the secrets of music teachers experienced, Conservatory graduates, the opportunity to spend time in the summer holidays in a relaxing and educational way.

The surprise of Boem Club Summer School in the last 2 years is the music camp organized in July and August in the mountains. Music Camp aims to initiate as many children aged between 7 and 17 years in the mysteries of music; in just a week they study the drums, piano, violin, guitar and singing.

Music lessons of Boem Club Summer School takes place at all 3 Boem Club offices in Bucharest: Boem Club Alba Iulia, Boem Club Razoare and Boem Club Dorobanti.

Summer school ends each year with a special concert, at which participate students who attended music lessons during the summer at Boem Club.

To make more accessible the initiation of children in music, Boem Club Music School  integrated Summer School courses in a CSR campaign, organizing music lessons during the entire summer at very affordable prices for parents.

Registrations for music classes of Boem Club Summer School are made each year, starting on 1st of March of that year.