09:00 - 21:00


09:00 - 21:00

Boem Club Music Camp

Since 2015, during the summer, Boem Club Music School organizes annualy Boem Club Music Camp .

Boem Club Music Camp is open to all children aged between 7 and 17 years old, who want to learn to play at 4 instruments and to sing.

Boem Club Music Camp takes place in the mountains, so children could enjoy all the benefits of an idyllic areas.
At our Music Camp can participate both children who attend music lessons at Boem Club and those outside the school, regardless of their musical knowledge or the city they belong.

Piano, guitar, violin, drums and singing workshops are held daily by Boem Club teachers.
The activities of the Boem Club Music Camp is held by age group, under the guidance and supervision of music teachers for music activities and psychologists for leisure activities.

In the first two editions of Boem Club Music Camp 90 children had fun learning to play their favorite instruments and to sing.

Registration in Boem Club Music Camp can be done by paying an advance, the rest to pay in two rates. For registrations paid in full bya certain date we offer a discount. Also,  brothers who wish to participate receive a brother discount. Discounts can not be cumulated.

Boem Club Music Camp
provides the following: 6 nights accommodation with full board and snack, all in standard 3***; roundtrip bus transportation; attending music workshops by age, hiking and sightseeing in the area; outdoor recreational activities; racing on musical themes; equipment and musical instruments for use within the camp; supervision by six adults, including one psychologist; healthcare (if applicable);

The objective of Boem Club Music School consists in musical initiation and familiarization with what is music theoretically, but also practically. For 7 days, they will be presented concepts of music theory and they will be initiated into the secrets of playing piano, guitar or violin, the drums or singing with the voice.