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Boem Club Benefits

  • Boem Club Music School is the first and the largest private music school in Romania.
  • We have experience in developing highly successful music lessons demonstrated by the numerous awards won by our students in competitions and festivals. In 2015, students Boem Club have won over 200 awards at national music competitions.
  • We have 3 offices located in three strategic areas in Bucharest: Boem Club Alba Iulia, Boem Club Cotroceni, Boem Club Dorobanti, 7/7, 9:00-21:00. Boem Club headquarters are located in 3 cozy and friendly villas.
  • We have a young and professional team, consisting of approx. 45 music teachers graduates of the National University of Music and experienced in teaching.
  • We offer individual and group music lessons, at the following instruments: piano, guitar, violin, singing, cello, percussion, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, flute, block flute, in Romanian or English, regardless of musical level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
  • Registrations music lessons Boem Club can be made at any time during the school year, including during the summer (Boem Club Summer School).
  • Boem Club Summer School offers music classes and music camps.
  • Lessons for members of the same family can take place in parallel to availability.
  • Lessons for a student studying several instruments may be scheduled consecutively on availability.
  • We offer the opportunity to practice for free on our instruments at our offices, in the hours when there are no classes scheduled, by appointment in advance.
  • All students receive weekly Boem Club as a bonus to any subscription purchased a workshop theory and music history.
  • Students children receive weekly bonus besides workshop theory and music history lessons, a choir lesson.
  • Each place Boem Club has a waiting room equipped with TV, WiFi, magazines.
  • Performing musical instruments.
  • We organize quarterly auditions class in our offices.
  • Twice a year we organize concerts for our students on particular scenes.
  • For about 7 years, over 600 students attending weekly music classes Bohemian Club, being satisfied with their level
  • Because Boem Club is the largest and most important private school of music in Bucharest.